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We manage commercial property for investors or property owners that do not have the time or manpower to oversee all aspects of commercial property ownership. We treat every property as if we own it. Our full range of services exist with the sole purpose of optimizing value for our clients and their real property assets. We curate a management service plan to fit each owner and each building within the respective portfolio.


When circumstances require lending institutions to assume control of real estate, CURO MGMT is there to seamlessly operate the real estate. Our operations knowledge coupled with leasing and market data allow CURO to guide properties through difficult times while efficiently executing the business plan. We tailor our services to extend the lender’s REO department capacity.


Buyers and Investors and Lenders need data when acquiring commercial property. Anyone that has purchased property in the past knows that it takes significant time and energy to coordinate all the vendors in the Due Diligence process. Our preferred vendor roster and volume discounts provide us an advantage when completing Property Condition Assessments. At CURO, we also take an owners approach when evaluating a purchase by completing a full operating budget for our clients.


All commercial real estate is are the challenges. While a property might not be ready for sale, management, or leasing we still provide value to our clients in consulting capacity for any of variables impacting their assets. Whether we are advising on tax valuations or partnership buy-outs, we treat each property as if we own it.

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CURO (latin): /kyoor-o/ -- manage, care, cure, attend to

CURO MGMT is a full-service asset and property management provider focusing on Industrial, Office, Retail, Urban/Mixed-Use properties. We represent local owners and national investors throughout the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky metropolitan area. Our brokerage division provides timely market data allowing the ownership and management team to facilitate tenant retention or market leasing. CURO MGMT has the advantage of a la carte service delivery and tailoring services to align with both short and long-term investment objectives. The key to our success lies within our experienced team, many of whom are owners, managers, and investors in real estate themselves. We know firsthand the challenges property owners encounter and address your property as we would our own. CURO MGMT applies an ownership mentality to maximize the value of our clients' assets.

Kelli Nicoloff

Kelli Nicoloff


Kelli has over 20 years of commercial real estate Asset/Property Management experience and is responsible for all oversight of CURO MGMT daily operations. Prior to CURO MGMT, Kelli worked for an institutional owner and was responsible for over 10mil square feet of assets in the Midwest. Kelli maximizes the performance and value of CURO MGMT's customer portfolio by implementing an Owner curated management plan and establishing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for consistent service and communication throughout the customer's portfolio.


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